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What is TEAMBBDO about?

We replace indifference with resonance and turn lovemarks into trustmarks. Marketing has to create meaning in people's lives again. Indifference is poison, and even good ideas are not immune to it. By combining our forces and integrating solutions, we activate brands, create genuine "connected experiences" and achieve maximum business impact.

Our agencies and their competencies

In our own integrated competence model, we combine all relevant disciplines - from strategy, design, creativity, data collection and analysis to technology - to create a modern, close and networked collaboration.

Our offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart ensure that we are also geographically present and close to our clients, who we regard as partners.

As part of Omnicom, we can rely on the expertise of our colleagues in 290 offices in over 90 countries worldwide. We have a particularly strong presence in the EMEA, USA and Greater China regions. In addition, the Omnicom network provides the basis for further global agency relationships.

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TEAMBBDO management

Christian Rätsch
Chief Executive Officer TEAMBBDO
Luisa Rode
Chief Client Officer TEAMBBDO
Anneli Bergström
Chief Financial Officer TEAMBBDO
Boris Terwey
Chief Operating Officer TEAMBBDO
Frank Hahn
Chief Creative Officer TEAMBBDO
Daniela Strasser
Head of Communcations TEAMBBDO

Management of our agencies

Boris Terwey
CEO Interone
Christian v. Thaden
CEO Batten & Company
Simon Usifo
Lukas Cottrell
CEO Peter Schmidt Group

What we do

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Unsere Cases

It’s on us.

Repositioning of E.ON as European lead agency.

We are driving the new international brand positioning with a 360° approach that covers all relevant touchpoints of the various stakeholder journeys and is based on three areas: corporate design/identity, internal engagement and external activation. We are changing the perception of E.ON as the playmaker of new energy in europe.

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The world’s smallest gym.

Experience campaign development as a local lead agency.

Gyms are the gold standard when it comes to fitness, but they can be anything but fun. Together with Meta Quest and PUMA, we invited people to experience the potential of VR/MR fitness in "The World's Smallest Gym".

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There for your life.

Campaign development as local lead agency.

"There for your life" is the new creative platform with which Allianz presents itself as a reliable partner in all situations in life. The current campaign for Allianz life insurance brings this long-term communication platform to life for the first time. It shows the path through life full of optimism: forward-looking, always on the move, no matter what life situation: Allianz thinks ahead so that you can get ahead in life - that's the message.

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Great work speaks louder than words.

Colorful campaign for Porsche's 75th anniversary.

In 2023, Porsche celebrated the 75th anniversary of its sports cars. This event called for a holistic campaign that not only celebrates the iconic Porsches, but also the color palette in which they are available - showing what it looks like to dream in color.

The idea was to create a colorful palette of key images that could be used across different markets and channels. Accompanied by a strong campaign video and various dream stories in which dreamers talk about their dreams and the colors they choose.

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Interone is the lead agency for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

A VW Bus Festival that is celebrated digitally and offline.

he VW Bus is an iconic brand with which many people feel emotionally connected. To give fans the opportunity to experience and celebrate an unforgettable moment with their star, we organized a VW Bus Festival. As the lead agency for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, we were responsible for the festival communication, content production and the design of the festival stand. The festival was not only well received by the more than 80,000 VW fans on site, but also received above-average digital coverage on social media.‍

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Interone is the digital lead agency for MAN.

Selling commercial vehicles online.

How do you sell a commercial vehicle when almost everything is being handled online during the pandemic? The core idea was to simplify and digitize complex processes from the offline area to make it easier for the target group to work where they are. The entire sales process not only became cheaper, but also much faster: the simple and fast user flow was the key to the high demand on the site.

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Steiff is repositioning itself.

Batten & Company provides strategic support for the new brand identity.

The Steiff brand is full of emotion and tradition. In order to secure future success and increase international recognition, the brand wanted to reposition itself and clearly define what it stands for. The core is a multi-level brand model, on the basis of which the visual brand identity was fundamentally revised and which was honored with both the Red Dot Award and the ADC.

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A global corporate design.

Design lead agency for Mercedes EQ.

As the lead agency for corporate design, we develop the visual identity for the MercedesEQ sub-brand. We have developed an efficient and highly flexible brand framework that helps Mercedes-Benz to present a consistent image worldwide and regularly inspire its customers with innovative and individual brand experiences. Our standout element is the translucent star at the center of the EQA campaign, shaping the new age of electric mobility.

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NIVEA is for skin.

Peter Schmidt Group gives NIVEA a new design.

Nivea wants everyone to feel good in their own skin - and believes that more togetherness will help create a better future for all. This is expressed in the flowing illustrations of people touching each other in all kinds of manners. Our message of bringing people closer together is understood around the world and translated into a design system that takes into account the diversity of packaging.

Our partners

Deutsche Bahn
Dr. Oetker
Munich RE
klöckner & co
The Linde Group



Since 2015, we have bundled our initiatives and the overarching environmental commitment of our sustainability team under the umbrella of "Green Turn". Through our international climate protection projects as well as initiatives and programs in Germany, we have already been able to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 70% and have been climate-neutral since October 2021. Over 40 of our colleagues also act as greenkeepers in the agencies, implementing measures and developing ideas for a more sustainable agency life.

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We believe that meaningful and mutually respectful relationships are critical to the success of our agencies and brands. Our Omnicom diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives include the Omniwomen Network to promote female leadership, the OPEN Pride initiative to promote awareness, acceptance and support of the LGBT community, and other ERGs such as disabilities.

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On our knowledge platform RESTART, we present our projects and show what challenges and changes we perceive in times of change in our industry. From our own study results to inspiring whitepapers on the current challenges facing the marketing industry, we have compiled a wide range of information.

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